Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo montage from Modena, Italy

The restaurant Hosteria Guisti entrance way. The restaurant is headed by Chef Matteo and it only has four tables. They had an amzing meal!!!

Street view from the hotel that Brandon and Matt are staying at in Modena. The Plaza is over 2,000 years old!!

Picture of cuvatello, sakame

Shout out to pastry chef Brian Cernell from Chef Matt Cargo (blueberry crostada)

Matt and Brandon outside of the Michellin stared Osteria Franscescana

A bean and pasta soup with foie gras, "simply amazing and the taste should be on everyone's bucket list," says chefs'

Yummy gelato from a street vender

New meaning of "open kitchen concept!"

Hosteria Guisti kitchen where the Chef brought Brandon and Matt back to see how they made the dough for the fritto piccilo that they ate for lunch.

Chef Francescana interpretation of a broken lemon pie

         Matt and Brandon making friends with Chef Francescana
after an amazing meal


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  1. Great pics. I can't wait to see the finished product!