Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black pigs and blue footed chickens oh my!

 It's safe to report that the jet lag has finally wore off and just in time for another eventful day. Marco, their tour guide, was taking them to Parma, about an hour and forty-five minutes from Bologna. They were scheduled to see the curing process of prosciutto and culatello at Al Cavallino Bianco but who know what was in store for the chef's. Brandon and Matt were greeted with Prosecco and introduced the Luciano who owned the cafe/salume and his brother Massimo who is the chef. With bubbles in hand they all walked up the beautiful countryside to the villa/cucina. As they heard before in Bologna, Chef Massimo explains to them how important traditions and family are to their culture and business. The land was passed down to them from generations and they will continue in the tradition. Everything they use is grown on their own land. Brandon and Matt walked among the gardens and were so impressed and inspired as chefs. Anything you can think of agriculture, livestock, wine, citrus, vegetables, cheese etc were grown and cultivated by the brothers. Brandon and Matt would have been satisfied with a stomach filled of prosecco and the tour of the amazing gardens/villa but it gets even better. Marco and Massimo take the chef's to his car and drive them to where the livestock is kept. Blue footed chicken and black pigs to be exact! Both are highly prized by chef's and can be cooked medium rare because they don't contain salmonella. The sounds that the pigs were making is the something we are missing with this blog because apparently it's crazy! Around the corner was a large barn covered in grape leaves that Massimo explains is the cure house. The chef's walk into this giant barn which is a cure house that they read about in books. Rows and rows of meats likes prosciutto, coppa, culatello, which is extremely prestigious salami. There is no ac, the climate is perfect there. The grape leaves on the barns exterior regulate the temperature. The meat has been curing for 8-10 years and these brothers have perfected the art of curing. The pictures don't really do it justice and this old school cure house has forever inspired Brandon and Matt. They jump back in the car and headed down to Massimo's kitchen (which is Michelin stared) where he shows them more cellars. The first cellar for curing and has reserved culatello (cured for 10 years) for royalty, chefs, famous people, etc (it's that good!) Another cellar for vino and one for parmesan. After such an amazing tour Chef's Brandon and Matt dined on a 3-course meal and ended the day with perfection! Thank you to the brothers for such an amazing experience and new window of inspiration! 

We are framing this one Brandon!

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  1. Now that's inspiration! This looks so amazing, I see a trip to Italy in my future. Chefs it has been an honor working with you and can't wait to see what this trip will inspire at the new restaurant! I don't think the proof box is large enough!