Friday, October 14, 2011

One Month Away!

            Today marks exactly one month until the proposed grand opening of Prato!  It seems like a few short weeks ago Chef Brandon and Chef Matt were touring Italy, searching for inspiration for the restaurant.  Our excitement intensifies daily as more details are decided from design to music to menu.  In regard to the food, guests can expect Italian standards, executed with an American twist, but we rather leave you in suspense as to the specifics, so as not to ruin the surprise!
            However, we can share with you a bit more about our wine program; most importantly perhaps, we plan to offer exclusively Italian and Spanish wines.  While this may seem limiting to some, we are eager for the possibilities this affords.  Firstly, Italy and Spain produce wines that present with great complexity and pair beautifully with food.  Of course, our wine list will include selections that exemplify recognized characteristics, but it will also incorporate wines that are surprisingly palatable for the loyal Napa Cabernet drinker.  There are over one thousand wine varietals, indigenous to Italy and we are enthusiastic about helping our guests to discover interesting and obscure selections.  From Barollo to Barbaresco, we will have something for everyone. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

            Yesterday, it was our pleasure to participate in the Blessings In A Backpack fundraiser; a program that assists Central Florida’s underprivileged children with their school supply needs.  While the men played golf at the Lake Nona Country Club, the women were treated to culinary demonstrations led by Chef Brandon and Chef Matt. 
The afternoon began with Chef Brandon highlighting the ease of pasta-making for adults and children alike and how by its very nature, it brings the family together.  While Pastry Chef, Brian Cernell guided the ladies through a simple pasta dough recipe, Chef Brandon and Chef Michael Tully assisted the ladies with rolling garganelli pasta.  Next, the ladies learned how to fill and fold tortellini pasta, utilizing our Laughing Bird Shrimp farce.  Finally, Chef Matt demonstrated how to create an egg based carbonara sauce and how to prepare tortellini alla scampi.
The best part of course, was that these lucky ladies were also among the first to sample Prato cuisine!  They indulged on the Prato Meatball, Tortellini alla Scampi and traditional Garganelli Carbonara. 
Historically, Luma has valued its relationship with the community and has strived to support worthy causes.  Prato will uphold this same standard and we look forward to participating in the Cows N’ Cabs fundraiser later this month, to benefit Coalition for the Homeless. 

Chef Matt plating his Tortellini alla Scampi

Chef Brandon and Chef Brian guiding the ladies through pasta-making