Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's begin.

Cominciamo - (cō. the Italian phrase for "Let's begin." 

      As we embark on one of the many processes of opening a new restaurant, which we yet to have a name for, we thought what better way to share with you than a blog documenting the journey.  Follow chef's Brandon and Matthew, as they start an adventure in Bologna, Italy,  and tour the osterias, trattorias, pasta houses, markets, and bakeries that make Bologna so renowned.  They will feast in Parma and sample the King of prosciutto's, Culattello also while in Parma,  they will  become students of the amazing  Parmesan cheese; They will be sipping Balsamico vinegar from the barrel in Modena,  then feast at Hosteria Giuissi, were they scored a coveted reservation at one the four tables!!  Then travel with them to visit the beautiful city of Naples to check out the handcrafted Acunto ovens. Meet the 3rd Generation family that still makes the ovens today, which we will be so proud to be cooking out of in the new restauarant.  Sample with them, via cyberspace, the Amalfi coast's finest cuisines of seafood and pizzas.  In this marathon of a culinary expedition, they will be absorbing the history, sights, culture. Their ultimate quest is not "recipes" or the "perfect" dish, but rather to understand  the culture and traditions in a cuisine that we are passionately always respecting and admiring.

       This journal will continue into the opening, slated for a unknown date in September.....We are so happy to have you along for the ride!

Diverti! (enjoy)

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