Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assorto nei suoi pensieri- deep in thought

Chef Brandon McGlamery deep in thought after feasting on some of Bologna's traditonal dishes. Tortellini en brodo, is on almost every menu, and is to die for say's both chefs. They are taking in all that Bologna has to offer. Eating their way through the city so we can experience all the culture back home in Winter Park. The picture of the chanterelle mushrooms is an example of some the "season's best" that are displayed outside of many restaurants and cafe's. Chef Brandon and Matt had dinner at Da Cesari and had an amazing night. A dish called "sformatino" of chanterelles. They swore that everyone in Bologna that evening could smell their amazing meal!! Their second dish was a rabbit ravioli in spinach pasta with goat cheese. They sat down with the owner and daughter (the only two people working in the restaurant) and tried their best to communicate about the love of food and cooking. By the end of the night the owners family was sitting down with Brandon and Matt sharing recipes and drinking blackberry grappa. They're having a wonderful time! Truly the epitome of hospitality and an experience they are so grateful for! Until tomorrow...

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  1. wow, their adventure sounds amazing! I can definitely relate to their" love for the art of food"! and I am excited about what this might add to your new restaurant!! Can't wait to hear what happens tomorrow!