Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Prato Perfect Pie!

            Our excitement grows every day as we move closer and closer to the opening of Prato as we hope yours does too!  We are busy with the many details involved in opening a restaurant including, obtaining licenses, construction planning and selecting plate ware. But as you saw on our last post about our cocktail tasting, restaurant planning does have its more delicious aspects.  Today, Chef Brandon and Chef Matt worked feverishly on a pizza tasting for the new restaurant.  We sampled a multitude of cheeses, tomato sauces and dough recipes in our efforts to create a perfect pie!  Through their "valient and stenuous efforts," we were able to identify the best pairing of hearty tomato sauce and flavorful cheese blend.  All of the pizzas we sampled today were incredibly delicious and they did not even have the benefit of the wood burning pizza oven that will be in place at Prato. This oven, one of the most exciting features of the new restaurant is being imported from Naples, Italy, created by a family of third generation pizza-oven manufacturers.
            Ready to sample what Prato has to offer?  Remember, your very first opportunity to do so is tomorrow, Thursday, September 22 at the Vibrant Rioja Street Fair at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market! 

                                   Chef Matt utilizing his well trained palette for our Prato pizza tasting

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