Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Ci sei mancato molto," we missed you a lot

Hey everyone! Long time no talk or should I say blog. Don't fret! We are here to stay! As the blog title states, we are just beginning this journey, and there is so much more to come! Thanks to everyone for following us! There are so many new exciting things in the future but until then we have more pictures of Italy. Pizza is the subject for today!! 

more beautiful pictures of the coast!

Chef Brandon talking to the pizzaiolo's of the kitchen- (certified pizza makers in Naples)

Olive oil

Italian flour, it's very important to have the best


Pizza margarita in Naples (neapolitan style)

Look at the crust, perfezione!

Beautiful pizza ovens!

Before the chef's left Naples they had to go and taste some authentic Napolian pizza. The restaurant that is pictured above, is set with the beautiful view of the coast.  The pizza was prepared by certified pizzaiolo's, that have perfected the art. You must become certified, to be considered a pizzaiolo/a. Becoming a world class pizzaiolo requires commitment and training in the tradition of Italian artisan pizza making. It is an art and is classified as one in Italy. There are many different styles and preparations of pizza throughout the Italian regions, making the chef's journey very enjoyable and educational. Trying all the different styles to bring the authenticity and tradition to Winter Park.

The pictures below are from Sorrento, Italy. Sorrento is a small town wonderfully located over white steep cliffs and offers a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples. Brandon and Matt were headed to Sorrento to see "one of the most famous products of the Italian gastronomic tradition." The pizza "a metro" which means a long and rectangular pizza. It can be several meters in length. A bright invention "patented" by Gigino Dell'Amura, who at the beginning of the thirties established the bases for the transformation of the historical family bakery in the biggest Pizza-Restaurant of the world, whose fame spread beyond the national borders.  A new name has been added to the primary one, "The University of Pizza", suggested by the variety and deliciousness of the pizzas produced in this Pizza restaurant. It was once said that " It's impossible to explain or to tell about the secrets of such success if you have never had the pleasure, at least once in your life, to taste, one of the most unexcelled, superhuman pizzas!"

Headed to Sorrento, Italy

university students making the authentic rectangle shaped pizza

What a classroom to have?! At the kitchen in the University

"Delight of the stomach, of the sense of smell and of the sight,"
 Professor Carlo Zecchi at the University of Pizza

You can have multiple pizzas on one rectangle shaped dough. Many different ingredients, allowing family style and sharing for everyone. Tradition is important ensuring one of the most important ingredients in Italy, family. Until we meet again, arrivederci!

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